LG Extravert 2 RomeTech Rugged Case Cover - Black / Grey

This snap-on is specifically designed for the LG Extravert 2. The snap-on is specifically designed for the Extravert 2 to absorb shock and guard the surface against minor damage and daily wear and tear. The Rugged Case wraps the entire phone, providing the comprehensive protection you need. The built-in screen cover keeps your display scratch-free without affecting the touchscreen's functionality. Custom cutouts offer easy access to all keys and ports.

  • Helps protect your LG Extravert 2 against drops, scratches, and any other everyday damage

  • Provides portection from falls and bumps while offering a slim form-fitting design for men/women/kids/boys/girls

  • Easy to attach and doesn't add additional bulk to the device

  • Provides easy access and is secure and close by with the clip. Attach it to a belt, purse strap or backpack.

  • Includes 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

  • Not compatible with LG Exalt Series, LG Revere Series, LG Envoy Series

LG Extravert 2 Rome Tech OEM Rugged Snap-On Case Cover - Black / Grey

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