Help your kids personalize their LG GizmoPal 2 with the 12-pack decal. The decal pack includes 12 different designs and colors, so you can best match the design to your child s personality and passions. Designs to choose from include Ballerina, Nautical, Jungle Animals, Space, Sports, Flowers and more.

The decals are not only fun, but also durable and dust-resistant.

GizmoPal 2 (sold separately)
With simple, dual-button controls and a durable design, the GizmoPal2 is designed to be a companion device for young children. The voice-guided interface allows your child to easily use the two-way calling feature and navigate through a personalized list of caregivers. You can also check into your child s location with the companion app on your phone!

LG GizmoPal 2 Verizon OEM Decal Sticker Pack - 12-Pack